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High Heels - High Heel Boots
Why Buy from Kinkbox
Hand Made Latex - Bondage Link Stockings - 15 colours!
PVC - Flash Fitter Coat
Moulded Latex - Wrestlers Leotard
English Tailored Latex - ...ready fora steamy night of passion?
Corsets - Simply stunning - Peepshow Corset
Dildos - Red hot delight and Shiny Orglasm
24 HOUR FREEPHONE HOTLINE 0800 783 1194 (UK only) +44(0)1752 221415 (Outside UK)
What our customers say

I just wanted to write and tell you that I think you run a wonderful business and that you do things the right way with regard to customer service. 

I placed a substantial order for a number of pieces of clothing and accessories.  All of it was perfectly delivered, immaculately produced and exactly as I ordered.  Unfortunately a few pieces did not fit correctly, and I returned them to you.  To be honest, following interactions with other companies here in the US I was terrified the returns I had would not go smoothly, but I see this morning that you are already manufacturing the replacement items for me.

I cant wait for them to arrive, and just wanted to acknowledge my appreciation.  I will of course be happily and sassily wearing my new outfits to some parties in the New Year and will proudly tell people where I bought them and what a great company you are.

Also, as a Brit now living in the US it totally warms my heart knowing you guys have the Americans beat at this game.  They always pride themselves on customer service and satisfaction, but Westward Bound has been the best kink company I have interacted with hands down.

Sarah G. Raleigh, North Carolina (NC), USA.

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